Into the Fey

Save Luusi! Log

First digital campaign log

Finding Luusi:

XP Gained: 400+400+250+400+550=
Quest Items: 3 Scrolls, Luusi’s Map
Conditions: Adarin and Zander cannot regenerate healing surges for 18 hours.

Current Room:

Dragon Skeleton: Perception 20 or investigating the Skeleton and Per 12: 80GP

Spiderswarm x 3 (p 301): 450

Challenge reward for navigating the perils of the wilderness and dungeon: 400

Final Room:

A Hobgoblin stands holding a human woman by the throat with a tight metals chain. He wields a whip made of beast fangs and in command of four rats with spiked backs and blood dripping from their fangs. They surround him loyally, and as you enter, he whips the front two and and yells a challenge: “LEAVE NOW OR I KILL THE GIRL” The cutthroats near him bang clang thier swords on the ground at the thought of murder and let out blood curling yells.

Diplomacy or Bluff 19: Release the Girl!
+150 XP

Intimidate 21: Leave us alone!
The Cutthroats leave and the Hobgoblin lets go of Lucy

Hobgoblin Beast Master (p 156), Goblin Cutthroat x 2 (p 154) and Dire Rat (pg 298)x 4 and Magic Cross Bow Turret x 2 (DM p 216): 900

(The turrets rotate, spitting out two bolts each…)
(The Hobgoblin’s whip wraps around your calf and he tugs, dragging you to the ground and sliding you 1 space. When you fall on your face you take X damage)
(The Rat lunges at you and bites, it’s bacterial fangs sink into your arm and you fling it off, but not after the bacteria lingering in its mouth find its way into your bloodstream. Hopefully you will not contract Dire Rat Fever).

Major Quest Reward for Finding Luusi: 400

They defeat the Hobgoblin, scare away the cutthroats, and kill the rats, with the help of the Pixie. 750 XP + 400 XP+400XP+400+450

4400=1100 XP for each Character
Everyone is level two!

Level up!

The portal isn’t here like I’d hoped, but it is somewhere in the Vale. According the the materials I’ve found, we will need an artifact of immense power in order to perform the ritual to open it. We will also need a keeper of the grove and someone of royal blood. Reithann is the only nearby keeper I know of. Perhaps Baron Stockmer or Lord Markelhay are of royal bloodline. Reithann also knows a good deal about arcana, so I think I’ll make the trek to see her in Druid’s Grove when I can.

Dragon Born x 2 (p 80) Goblin Sniper x 6 (p 152): 400

Your master is dead! : Intimidate 12



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